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Video: Jumpsuit and Boots

I may have been a little obsessed with jumpsuits of late. This one was from Boohoo and is a tighter fit then I’ve previously gone for. I paired it here with some black boots (originally from Next in 2009) and a waterfall leather jacket. I did consider a wearing cape and long gloves. But I thought that would be a bit too much. I’ll save that for when it’s a bit colder. I do like being fashionably warm.

The location is the old Exminster station, it provides access to the neighbouring wildlife reserves. I couldn’t venture beyond the car park as the ground was too soft for heels following recent rain, (which scuppered my first choice location). But I will come back and explore the reserve on another day. I’ll make sure to have appropriate footwear!

  • Jumpsuit – Boohoo
  • Jacket – Oasis
  • Boots – Next (very old)
  • Ears – Amazon

I’m also looking forward to passing 10,000 views on my YouTube channel. I know that my numbers are tiny compared to some but it’s good to see my channel is really starting to take off. I’ve also now passed 100 subscribers too!

ASOS Parcel

To celebrate, I have treated myself to something from ASOS. I’m not allowed to open it before I reach 10k. I know I’m going to reach that goal this week. It’s just a case of when!

How do you reward yourself when hitting a milestone? Do you find that helps you reach your goals better? Let me know in the comments below!


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