View of one of the Brooklyn Bridge towers.
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Part Two of the Great New York Adventure

Empire State Building from the Brooklyn Bridge

Back in April I visited New York to fangirl over Chris Corner visit a new country and continent. Here is a belated blog of my adventure. Because of the number of photos I’m splitting each day into it’s own post. 

Part One can be found here. 

Day Two: Brooklyn Bridge and the second IAMX show. 

Approaching the Brooklyn Bridge

I must admit that I had a lot more planned. But a combination of jet lag and being a dirty stopout the previous night meant the morning was pretty much a write off. 

So after dealing with the joys of the subway replacement bus and crazy subway Jesus lady, I found myself on the Brooklyn Bridge. It was crazy busy with tourists but as long as you stay out of the bike lane it’s fine! 

Manhattan Skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge
Crowds on the Bridge
Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn Bridge
Distant Statue of Liberty from the Brooklyn Bridge
Empire State Building from the Brooklyn Bridge
Manhattan Bridge
Manhattan Skyline
Looking down on Manhatten Streets

With my late start I didn’t really do much more sight seeing. After the replacement bus experience earlier I thought it best to head back to the apartment. I needed to get ready for the IAMX concert.

On the Subway
Waiting to go in for the second show

It was good to be reunited with the {X} tribe. Some of them had been queuing since 10am! I have to admire their dedication!

Front Row Buddies
Felicia and Sioux

I ended up on the far right of the stage just below Janine’s keyboards. While the crowd had a different vibe the band were on top form. I think word about the guest celebrity had got out. She hadn’t been announced when the first show sold out. 

Kat Von D

I’m a bit torn on Kat Von D, while I’m not a fan, Chris seems to enjoy working with her. 

After the show I bid farewell to the {X} tribe as I wasn’t doing the third night of the mini residency. I had made several new friends! 

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