The Statue of Liberty
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Part One of the Great New York Adventure

On Staten Island with Manhattan behind me

This was my big adventure for 2018, a trip to New York to see IAMX (who else). To be fair I’d been planning a trip anyway and when the band announced US dates I decided to go for it. My plan was to do tourist stuff either side of the concert. 

Looking out of the window in the middle of the Atlantic, the aircraft wing is visible along with some clouds

I’m going to do a separate Travelling While Trans post about my experience of flying to the US. I’ll post a link here when it’s live.

I’m also going to do a post for each day. I took loads of photos and a single post will be a bit much!

New York Skyline from the Airport

Day 1 – Staten Island and Busting Ghosts

I’d booked an Air BnB that was near the Subway into Manhattan. The idea was easy access to the city. But a few days before I flew out, I found out that there would be no Subway service from the nearby station during the weekend. So after a bit of Google Maps study, I set off to find the next nearest station.

Older Housing in Bushwick

I was staying in Bushwick, which is on the border of Brooklyn and Queens. It’s a working class neighbourhood with a large artist community. I suspect the start of gentrification isn’t far off though. Most of the houses are these terraces. I eventually found the Subway and headed for the southern tip of Manhatten to catch the Staten Island Ferry. 

Riding the Staten Island ferry looking back towards the Brooklyn Bridge

The ferry is free, so why pay for a boat trip. While I was on the wrong side for the big tourist sights, I had a great view of Brooklyn, Governers Island and the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Rather then join the scrum of tourists for the next ferry back, I decided to have a walk around the area outside the Terminal. There are good views back to the city.

On Staten Island with Manhattan behind me

I also took the opportunity to grab some food before catching the ferry back to Manhattan. Something I noticed is that a lot of people seem to stay inside on the return crossing, meaning the outer decks are less crowded. So this time I was on the right side of the boat for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island!

The Statue of Liberty
The hall on Ellis Island
Statue of Liberty
Approaching Manhattan

After leaving the ferry, I headed up Broadway, passing the Fearless Girl, and pausing for a moment at the World Trade Centre memorial. 

The Girl facing the Bull

I usually feel rather uncomfortable doing the tourist thing around memorials like this. It’s not really appropriate to join in with the selfie taking crowds. 

The new tower at the World Trade Centre

After leaving the World Trade Centre, I was on the hunt for a rather famous building from the movies. It did take a little while to find it but I eventually located the No 8 Hook and Ladder fire station.

The Ghostbusters Firehouse

Well I’m sure there are going to be no ghosts in the vicinity! The fire station was used for exteriors in Ghostbusters. I may have geeked out somewhat. 

Afterwards I headed back to the apartment to get ready for the IAMX show. 

Wearing a black wig, lace top, black leather skirt and stompy boots
Wearing a black wig and lace top

Do you like the new hair? It’s from Venus Wigs. I must thank them for rushing the order to me in time for my trip! 

The venue was a performance space at the back of Rough Trade Records in Brooklyn. As it was Record Store Day we kept having to redirect lost people who wanted rare records to the right line. It was also great to meet the lovely American {X} family!

The fabulous glittery queue

The show was amazing. Again I’ll spare you the full fangirling and just post a few photos from the show.

IAMX on Stage in NY
IAMX on Stage in NY
The front row after the show.

After the show most of us headed for Kellogg’s Diner. Post gig food in the UK is usually a dubious takeaway, so a full diner experience at 1am was a first for me. 

I think I finally got back to the apartment at around 3am and pretty much collapsed straight away.

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