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A Berlin Adventure

Berlin Fernsehturm

This was one of my crazier ideas, a quick trip to Berlin to see IAMX on their European tour. Of course I had to make sure that I could afford to do it, after all I had only just managed to become debt free. Thankfully I had a load of BA points squirrelled away and sharing an AirBnB so I could afford it!

The only issue was travelling out on the day of the concert, my coach to Heathrow was at 6am and after landing I’d have to go straight to the show. It would be a very long day!

Wearing full makeup on the coach
Yes I did full makeup for the coach!

From a Travelling while Trans perspective Heathrow was fine going out. The flight was busy but pretty smooth. After landing in Berlin I had a longer then usual wait while the border guards checked my passport, the photo isn’t that bad is it? Still they let me in to a very cold Germany. So then it was off to the show.

In the Queue - and they have banned Glitter at an IAMX show - What the Heck!

The venue was a old brewery that had been converted into a cultural centre, with the band performing in the old boilerhouse. 

IAMX on Stage

I’ll spare you the excessive fangirling over IAMX. I love this band so much! 

After the show we enjoyed a late night pizza before heading back to the apartment. 

The following morning was very cold and snowy so we chilled for a while in the apartment. It was a really nice find.

A view of the living room of the AirBnB
The Parochial Church next to our Air BnB

Eventually we did venture out and headed to Kreuzberg for some tasty Vegan food at Bramibals and Yellow Sunshine Burger. I must say I loved my first ever Vegan Currywurst!

Vegan Currywurst!

After eating we had a very cold walk around the Brandenberg Gate and the Bundestag.

Brandenburg Gate
Being Tourists at the Brandenberg Gate

It was bitterly cold and we were glad to eventually get back to the apartment. 

My final day was spent exploring eateries in the North of the City before I had to head for the airport for my flight home. I couldn’t resist another Brammibals! 

Leanne in Brannibal\'s Donuts

Many thanks to Leanne for letting me stay with her and showing me all the lovely eateries! 

Heading home!

It was good to spend a bit longer in Berlin, normally I only have an evening stop on the way to WGT. I should try and plan my next visit for when the weather is warmer. And of course it wasn’t going to be my only IAMX adventure. More on that to come!

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