Me looking out over the cliffs at Dawlish
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Day out in Dawlish

I know I’m probably pushing the definition of travel somewhat with this post but sometimes it’s good to visit places on your doorstep. I think a lot of people overlook places nearby as it’s too familiar. That said it is a bit more exciting to be jetting away on a long haul flight, instead of taking a 15 minute ride on a noisy regional train!

Cliffs at Dawlish

A friend and I had decided to go on a day trip as we both had the day off. We decided to get the train to Dawlish Warren and then walk along the sea wall path to Teignmouth. As you can see it was a grey day, but unlike the last time I was here, it was warm so quite comfortable for a walk!

We stopped for lunch in Dawlish town and then found some cool street art on a wall on the climb out of Dawlish, it’s isn’t somewhere I’d expect to see art like this.

Street art on a brick wall, it shows a girl looking up with "Aim for the Stars" written above

After negotiating some steep and prickly paths over the headland we were back on the sea wall path. I’d never walked along the stretch to Teignmouth before. Finally we had a quick look around the town but unfortunately didn’t have long before our train back to Exeter.

View of the beach at Dawlish

The Beach at Teignmouth

Sadie B wearing a black top, grey jeans and boots looking back at Dawlish

Do you have any nice places that you like to take a day trip to? Should I do more of this style of post? Let me know in the comments below



  1. Justina

    Those pictures are so beautiful. I’ve been meaning to take a day trip into the mountains near me, but just haven’t gotten around to it. This is making me want to make the time.

    1. Sadie B

      Thank you 🙂 And I’d love to live nearer to mountains



  2. Lindsey Puls

    I love this type of post! Keep ’em coming! Your photos are beautiful. And oh yes, it is so easy to overlook the places that are nearby. I’m already starting to get into a rut in my new city. You’re inspiring me to get out and explore again!

    1. Sadie B

      Thank you 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing some of your adventures!



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