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Daily Outfits for June

As you may know I do try and snap a quick selfie on most days to document my progress though transition, most are taken in the mirror in the loo at work as it has a nice big mirror and good lighting. Most of these get posted into the Wardrobe Remix group on Flickr but I thought it might be a good idea to compile them on a weekly or monthly basis for the blog.

So here goes!

June 1st

Transwoman weather a burgundy midi dress, black belt and brown knee high boots

I managed to find a rather fabulous new midi dress in the New Look Sale (or rather two, I bought the black one too as they were £8 each.)

  • Dress: New Look
  • Belt: Primark
  • Boots: New Look (second-hand)


June 3rd

Trans woman wearing grey print top, black jeans and over the knee boots

I was stuck in work for my birthday (meh!) but as I had the week after my birthday as leave it did mean that I wouldn’t have to wait too long for fun times ahead.

  • Top: Innocent Lifestyle (gifted)
  • Jeans: Primark
  • Boots: Long Tall Sally

June 4th

Transwoman wearing a short grey dress, black leggings and overknee boots

The last day in work before my week off and I was wearing one of my favourite dress and boots combinations.

  • Dress: New Look
  • Leggings Next
  • Boots: Long Tall Sally

June 5th

Transwoman wearing black lace dress and leather corset

Getting my goth on for a night out with some friends at a metal night in Torquay. I love that I now fit back into this corset!

  • Dress: Guess
  • Corset: Corsets Boulevard
  • Boots: Long Tall Sally
  • Hair: Lush Wigs

June 7th

Transwoman wearing a black and burgundy dress

Wearing a very elegant dress from Long Tall Sally for a birthday meal with a couple of good friends.

  • Dress and Boots both: Long Tall Sally
  • Necklace: Always Alternative

June 9th

Transwoman with red hair and lace top

Off to a steampunk themed party. I didn’t manage to get a picture of the whole outfit, but I wore a top from Ann Summers with a Leather Corset, shiny leggings and Demonia Boots. Maybe I should recreate it for the blog at some point!

June 11th

Transwoman with red hair and blue eyeshadow

Face of the Day for meeting some Scottish friends for coffee before their flight home. Eye shadow is from the Full Spectrum Palette by Urban Decay

June 12th

Transwoman wearing a black top, red tartan jeans and knee high wedge boots

I recently bought one of the Mystery Boxes from Little Booteek and in there were these trousers. Think I won that gamble. I’ll be doing a proper post on the Mystery Box soon.

  • Top: Primark
  • Trousers: Banned Apparel
  • Boots: Fly London

June 13th

Trans woman wearing a grey maxi dress with burgundy converse

I’ve decided that I’m going to stick with the red hair for a while, I was a little bored of black 🙂 Any way it was a very hot day, I’m even wearing shoes instead of boots!

  • Dress: Next
  • Shoes: Primark

June 14th

Trans woman wearing a black top with MST3K design, grey pattern skirt, black tights and burgundy converse style sneakers

Didn’t manage to get a good shot of my top which features B-Movie monsters from Mystery Science Theatre 3000. The skirt was a gift from a friend.

  • Top: Redbubble
  • Skirt: Next (Second Hand)
  • Tights: Amazon
  • Shoes: Primark

June 16th

Transwoman in a Mesh band shirt, grey jeans and booties

Trying out my new Gorilla Pod in the stairwell of my apartment. It gives a much cleaner background. My outfit is quite a common one for me on a day of. Band shirt, jeans and boots!

  • Top: Mesh
  • Jeans: Primark
  • Boots: New Look

June 17th

Transwoman in Black top Grey Jeans and Black ankle boots

I may have recycled the previous day’s bottom half with a different top – I was lacking get up and go that morning! At least I had matching socks for once even if you can’t see them here!

  • Top: New Look
  • Jeans: Primark
  • Boots: Next

June 19th

Transwoman wearing IAMX top, Grey Jeans and Heeled black booties

Last Day of my Working Weekend. It’s Far too Hot! Once again I decided on a band-tee and jeans combination, this time adding my new heeled ankle booties.

  • Top: IAMX
  • Jeans: Primark
  • Boots: New Look (Second Hand)

June 20th

Transwoman in red floral dress

It was very hot in the UK so I thought it time to get out this maxi dress from Ruby Rocks. As it’s quite long I do need to wear some heels with it so paired it with burgundy ankle boots for comfort. (I don’t own many heeled shoes as I’m very much a boot girl!)

  • Dress: Ruby Rocks
  • Boots: New Look (second-hand)

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June 22

Transwoman wearing an Apoptygma Berzerk top, grey jeans and black heeled booties

Yet another simple band-tee, jeans and boots work outfit. With the heat I wasn’t really willing to push the boat out with outfits. I do need to sort out more summer dresses.

  • Top: Apoptygma Berzerk
  • Jeans: Primark
  • Boots: New Look

June 23rd

Transwoman wearing a black tunic top, black leggings and tan ankle boots

A simple work outfit with a Long Tall Sally Tunic top, leggings and tan booties

  • Tunic: Long Tall Sally
  • Leggings: Next
  • Boots: Next (Second Hand)

June 24th

Transwoman wearing a lace dress, red belt, black tights and ankle boots

All dressed up for a busy day of socialising, first I had a pub social in Exeter followed by a night out in Torquay so needed something I could wear for both. This is also the first time I’ve managed to get some good clear photos of this dress from Guess. I paired it with some comfortable ankle boots, just as well as I ended up doing a lot of walking!

  • Dress: Guess
  • Booties: New Look (second-hand)
  • Belt: Amazon

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June 25th

Transwoman wearing an Amphi Festival Shirt, Grey Patchwork Maxi skirt and biker boots

The day after I met up with a friend for a nice long walk along the quay and riverside. For this I wore a my long patterned skirt and biker boots.

  • Top: Amphi Festival
  • Skirt: Per Una (Second Hand)
  • Boots: Rocket Dog

June 27th

Transwoman in short grey dress, black tights and ankle boots.

Wearing my grey dress for work as it has cooled down somewhat over the last couple of days. I paired it with my New Look Ankle Boots for maximum leggage!

  • Dress: New Look
  • Boots: New Look (Second Hand)

28th June

Transwoman wearing a black goth dress with white collar, black tights and black overknee boots

I picked up this Wednesday Addams style dress a while back to replace one I manged to break the buttons on. I was going to go with my lace up witchy boots but decided that flats would be better for walking!

  • Dress: New Look
  • Leggings: Next
  • Boots: Long Tall Sally


I hope you enjoyed this recap and let me know your favourite look in the comments below.



  1. Lindsey Puls

    Oooh these are all lovely looks, Sadie! I am just loving your red hair. You make me want to do something drastic with mine, haha. But I have to say, I’m drooling over your floral maxi dress! I am loving florals and maxi dresses lately! 🙂

    1. Sadie B

      Thank you xx

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