Red Dress and Burgundy Boots

Red Dress for a Red Hot Day

We are currently enjoying/enduring (delete as applicable) a period of rather hot weather in the UK at the moment with temperatures in the mid 30s. This isn’t a good thing in a country where air conditioning is a rarity outside offices and vehicles. So desperate times called for desperate measures!

Transwoman in red floral dress

Yes, this Ruby Rocks dress is extremely bright by my standards. I still love it though and is perfect for days where I’d melt if I wore my usual black. To finish I paired it with some burgundy ankle boots from New Look because the length of the dress requires a heel and I don’t own any low heeled shoes suitable for errand running!

Red Dress and Burgundy Boots

I think the boots help link this to my normal style by giving a bit of an edge to an otherwise very girly outfit. I was also having an experiment with my eye shadow. Recently I’ve been trying to be a bit braver with my makeup. Usually I use a bit of Satin Taupe and Typographic (both by MAC). And this is mostly still Satin Taupe and Typographic. However this time I’ve added a bit of Antique and blended differently. I don’t think I’ve entirely achieved what I was going for but it’s good to try different things. Even if they don’t always work out!

Also I’ve now seen that LTS do a jumpsuit in the same fabric, which I’m going to have to pick up when I next get a discount code!

Transwoman in red floral dress

Dress: Ruby Rocks x Long Tall Sally – Boots: New Look

How are you coping with the weather where you are? Is it hot and sticky like the UK is right now or is it a cooler fresher clime? Let me know in the comments.



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