Transwoman with red hair

New Hair – Cherry Lipgloss Red Wig from Lush Wigs

Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while is get better with hair. For those that don’t know I wear a wig because Alopecia struck during my very early 20s. So I don’t have a natural base of hair to work from. Since first coming out I’ve tended to stick with short black hair. That’s apart from a brief experiment with a long Headrazor wig, that just ended up a matted mess if you did as little as look at it!

Transwoman with red hair

I then found Lush Wigs thanks to a promotion on Instagram and ordered their Cherry Lipgloss long red wig. One reason I ordered a longer wig was so I could experiment more with styling it.

Initially I kept it for best wearing it for occasions only so I to see how it well it suited me. After a few wears I cut a fringe into it and started experimenting with putting it up. It took a few goes to get right but I’m getting better at styling it.

Transwoman with red hair tied up

I think the change of colour has given me a big boost in confidence, with the vibrant red it does seem that I’m getting more glances in the street, both positive and negative. But then the reaction from most has been very positive! Maybe in the future I’ll get myself a couple more in other colours to change things up more often!

Transwoman with red hair wearing a lace dress

Transwoman with red hair wearing a lace dress and spiky necklace

Red Hair Profile

Transwoman with red hair and dark lips.


What colour hair would you choose given the chance? Let me know in the comments.



    1. Sadie B

      Thank you xx

  1. Lindsey Puls

    Oooh I saw your new hair on Snapchat and meant to tell you how much I loved it! Gorgeous! Hmmm and if I could choose my hair color I would get something similar to your color or purple. I’ve always had thing for red/purple hair.

    1. Sadie B

      Thank you ^.^ I’m loving being a red head 😀 xx

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