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Travelling while Trans – First Flight

So most of my previous trips since coming out have all been by bus, rail and sea, I did do a flight very soon after coming out by pretending to be male, but I still had yet to try air travel and the airport security process. At the moment I’m limited to domestic flying using my driving licence while I wait for my new passport to be issued so I thought it worth testing the waters with a domestic flight before I booked anything further afield. So I made plans to visit a friend in Scotland, and spent some Nectar points on a flight from Bristol to Edinburgh with Easyjet.

Transwoman wearing a red coat

Having checked in online I went straight to security, which seemed to be being extended so there was a bit of a maze of hoardings to negotiate, I will admit to being a bit nervous so while I made sure to take my boots and coat off, get the bagged liquids out etc. I forgot to take my watch off… PING! So I was directed to the Bodyscanner and the friendly agent asked for my ID. So I pointed at the bag just coming out of the X-ray, when it got shunted into the “further examination” area. ID retrieved and a quick check of one of the highlighted areas (my watch – the other area was in my pants and I suspect that was down to me being pre SRS) and I was good to go. The further examination of my bags was down to my coat being on top of my liquids. So apologies for being that person who holds up the line!

Coat, Boots and Suitcase

On a serious note I must say the staff at Bristol were brilliant, they didn’t make a fuss of my trans status and worked around the limitations of the machine. I’ve heard a few horror stories from across the Pond and in the Middle East and I’m lucky to be living somewhere relatively tolerant of such things.

Coming back I had no problem at all (I remembered to take my watch off) and was through in a couple of minutes!


View from an aircraft window


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