Burgundy and Leather

One of those days where I dress up a bit for work! I keep meaning to follow the adage of “Dress not for the job you have, but the one you want” but that doesn’t always happen when you are on an early shift with a 5am alarm. But when things work out and I do manage to assemble something that isn’t a long top, jeans and boots it does help lift my mood!

Transwoman wearing a burgundy top and leather skirt, black tights and over knee leather boots

Rather then go for the black top I’d normally pair with a coloured skirt like this, I decided to try this combination. I think the two slightly different shades of burgundy on the leather look skirt and top complement each other nicely. Also I may have an obession with burgundy!

I’m also wearing my new flat overknee boots from Long Tall Sally, I thought it worth investing in a decent pair of flat boots as I do a lot of walking. This pair was on sale and while I did have to wait a few weeks for them to

Transwoman wearing black cape coat, long leather gloves, burgundy leather skirt, and black overknee boots

Also for outerwear after seeing a similar look on Facebook I decided to combine my cape coat with my leather opera gloves to add some glamour to my outfit. I don’t normally get to take photos of my outerwear but having been evicted from my desk during my lunch hour (my phoneline needed fixing), I took advantage of a brief sunny spell to take a couple of photos in Southernhay. While I think my facial expressions are a little awkward and there was far too much mud I do like how these photos came out. Will definitely be using this spot for more photos when the weather is dryer!

Top – Esmara
Skirt – New Look
Cape Coat: Primark
Long Leather Gloves: Plover (via Ebay)
Boots – Long Tall Sally



  1. haveclotheswilltravel

    You gloves match your boots so well! And I love them paried with your cape! This look is fabulous! 🙂


    1. Sadie B

      Thank you ^.^ x

  2. charming style of yours!…and the photos in the outdoor are very nice…cheers!

  3. natcrys

    I really don’t like to get up early.. so my work outfit just mainly consists of jeans and a shirt. And if I have to give a presentation.. perhaps a jacket. 😉

    Love your leather skirt and boots combo! And I think the gloves are perfect for this look! 🙂

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  4. Justina

    Maroon/burgundy is my favorite color (not counting black and gray, which I’ve been told aren’t really colors) to wear. This outfit is definite inspiration for a little shade mixing 🙂

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