Brian Molko on stage looking gorgeous
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London Trip and Placebo

Earlier this month I did something I’ve wanted to do for 20 years, which was to see Placebo live. When they announced their 20th anniversary tour we talked about trying to get tickets for the show at Wembley arena but alas standing had sold out. A couple of days later my friend decided to torture herself a little by rechecking the ticket site and found some returns had been put on sale. So she grabbed the tickets and I found us a hotel room in the Ibis next to the venue.

We took the coach up, it’s a bit of a slog but I’d rather put a bit more into the hotel, especially after past experience of cheap hotels in London. (mutters about bad hotels using photos of their one good room on their website)

Transwoman in a grey top sat on a coach


View of the River Thames from the coach window
Transgender blogger laying on a bed wearing a grey patterned top and brown boots


Two Girls sitting on a bed hugging On the left (me) is wearing a grey patterend top with black skinny jeans and brown knee boots. On the Right (Rox) is wearing a green off shoulder top, flared jeans and brown Dr Marten boots

After arriving we chilled for a bit before heading into the neighbouring London Designer Outlet for a pre concert meal, however before that we had a bit of a nose around the outlets. I may have been bad and bought myself something nice in the Guess outlet.

The outide of the London Designer Outlet, it is a angular building. In the foreground there are pink illumiated cubes with snowflakes inside


A paper bag with Guess logo containing a mystery item


Wembley Stadium at night

Placebo were amazing, they played a good range of material from their 90s anthems to their newer melancholy work and we spent most of the set near the front so had a good view. Though we did retreat when the drunken idiot count got unbearable. Someone seriously was heckling for Nancy Boy all the way through the melancholy part of their set, I bet they left as soon as they finished playing it!

Big Screen showing 1990s Brian Molko as part of the Bands intro


Brian Molko on stage looking gorgeous


Stephan looking amazing in a suit with butterfly print


Fiona Bryce playing Violin for Placebo


Brian Molko on stage

The morning after the gig we packed, grabbed some food and then caught the tube into London before parting ways at Paddington, my friend heading for Heathrow and I headed for Victoria to get the bus back to Devon.

Transgender blogger in grey dress, black leggings and brown knee boots


A selfie of me and my friend on the tube


My case and my leg while waiting for the coach home


View from my coach seat while waiting to depart Victoria

Sorry for not sticking to the daily schedule, it’s been a very busy time with lots happening, Vlogmas content needing filming and editing and all while working a full time job. I enjoyed the challenge though and may try and aim for a regular video schedule where I can take the time to plan, record and edit properly. Similarly I’ll try and build up more blog content with the aim to post every other day after the new year.

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