The long wait and future changes

I’m not doing a Black Friday sale guide, everyone else is. Instead I thought I’d post a bit about transition.

Back in December last year I went to my family doctor to see about getting reffered to the Gender Identity Clinic, I was told to expect a six month wait for my initial appointment Then in March I received confirmation of my referal. 10 months later and I still have heard nothing more so emailed to chase them up. This was the reply.

You are currently no.[xxx] on the waiting list. I can see we received your referral on 3rd December 2015. Unfortunately, we are currently running at a 12 month wait from referral to first appointment, therefore you are likely to be seen towards the end of this year/beginning of next year.

I know the local GIC doesn’t have waiting lists as long as other areas (some are up to 3 years) but I would like to get on with things!

Screenshot of NHS Website - Text reads "NHS England’s plans for the future commissioning of gender identity services for adults – Will Huxter 19 October 2016 - 09:00 Welcome to my latest blog on gender identity services. As always, I aim to cover issues that are current, and are important to the planning and delivery of gender identity services, and what we need to do to ensure that the services that we commission are responsive and high quality. In this blog I’m going to share with you an outline description of the process that NHS England will use to decide which organisations will host the adult gender identity clinics and the specialist surgical elements of the gender identity pathway in the future. NHS England will do this by running a national procurement of adult gender identity services, as described in our recent commissioning intentions for specialised services for 2017-19. I wrote to all of the current providers of gender identity services this week to state our intention to formally serve notice of termination on all of the NHS and independent sector organisations with whom we currently hold contracts for the delivery of specialised gender identity services (surgical and non-surgical), for the purpose of re-tendering the award of contracts via a process of national procurement in 2017. The current providers of gender identity services will be able to bid for the award of a new contract."

Though it does look like things may not be plain sailing. The NHS has announced that they are cancelling the contracts of the current clinics and re-tendering for a new national provider which will be taking over during my treatment. I very much hope it won’t impact too much!

Also some good news is that my PC is working again after a very expensive repair, but that does mean that I won’t be buying too much new stuff for a while!


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