VNV Nation on the Main Stage
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M’era Luna 2016

Those who follow me will know that I’m a bit of a Goth at heart and I love travelling to the European Festivals like Wave-Gotik-Treffen and M’era Luna. There really is nothing like them in the UK.

M'era Luna Main Stage

This was my third time making the trip to M’era Luna and as before I travelled with Goths On a Bus. This quote from a fellow passenger sums things up pretty well

In 2016, a crack drinking unit was sent to Germany by a bloke with a hat and a beard for a crime they hadn’t yet committed. These goths promptly escaped from a maximum security luxury coach to the Hildesheim underground. Today, still wanted by mead vendors everywhere they survive as drunkards of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can get them upright for long enough….maybe you can hire The Goths on a Bus.

Goths on a Bus is a non commercial trip that’s been running for the past 9 years. Ade takes care of the organisation and all I have to do is get myself to the pickup point and then enjoy the trip.

The overnight journey is a bit of a slog, especially as I can’t sleep on vehicles but it’s worth it. You get to meet and socialise and by the time you arrive at the campsite, you’ve usually made a few new friends.

Me, wearing a black Killstar dress

M’era Luna is the only festival I’d consider camping at, the facilities are very good and the site is well drained so even when it rained their is minimal mud! Also while the Germans are drunk and noisy, you aren’t going to find your tent burnt like at some UK festivals. Probably the worst thing is a German sound system playing David Hasselhoff or the Cantina Band at maximum volume at 6am!

That said I won’t be camping next year. I was struggling to pretend to be male in order to use the showers, even presenting male something about me was confusing the bouncers outside the showers. Though hot naked goth guys did go some way to make up for having to pretend to be male (hehe)! Hopefully by next year’s event I’ll be on Hormones which will make the showers very awkward. So I’ve booked a hotel for next year’s festival. I’ll miss the fun and afterparties in the campsite though.

Heldmaschine on stage in the Hanger

In terms of music this year had quite a strong lineup. I really enjoyed Chrom, S.P.O.C.K, Faun, Oomph!Heldmaschine and Within Temptation. Of course I loved seeing two of my favourite bands; VNV Nation and IAMX <3 <3.

Friday Night Outfit


Chrom on Stage


Oomph on stage


Main Stage


VNV Nation on the Main Stage


Me wearing Sunglasses and looking hot


Skies over the festival


Sunday Outfit


Faun on Stage


S.P.O.C.K on stage


All the Boots


Have you been to any festivals this year? Should I feature more Goth stuff on the blog? Let me know in the comments

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