Transgender Woman after waxing and in need of fresh makeup

An Unpleasant Incident

I guess I’ve been fairly lucky when it comes to public transphobia, I occasionally notice someone giving a second glance but I’ve not had too many issues in town so far. Unfortunately yesterday wasn’t to be my day.

I was off to get my brows and nails done by my good friend Kayleigh of Glamour Devon and needed to get some cash out, which meant a short walk to the cashpoint near my flat. Unfortunately this is a bit of a hotsport for a certain type of beggar, and they often get aggressive with passers by without provocation and yesterday was the day they clocked me as being trans. It’s really intimidating having someone screaming abuse at you in the street and people turn to look at what’s happening. All I could do is get as far away as quickly as possible, and return by walking round the block so as to not walk back past them. It’s certainly unsettled me a bit.


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