Transwoman in a party hat with a spider!

Happy 2016

Transwoman in a party hat with a spider!

Happy New Year. It’s now 2016, I’ve recovered from the hangover and was back at work today. I spent New Year with B & R of Addaltmode. We tend to have a meal and do some gaming. I’ve tried the big New Year night out and to be honest it’s not my thing. I’d rather have a low key celebration with good company then deal with the crowds and overcharging in the city bars.

Epic Spell Wars game
Epic Spell Wars

On the stroke of midnight we set off all the party poppers in the house. So much smoke! After that we stood watching fireworks across the city from the back garden.

Party Poop
After detonating 75 party poppers


Very drunk me!


Another drunk me!
First Selfie of 2016

I spent the night at chez Addaltmode and was surprised that I still managed to look reasonably decent in the morning. My eye makeup was a mess but my foundation was still covering what needed to be covered.

Finally a few thoughts on Resolutions for 2016. Last year I resolved to “Think Glam” as a sort of self improvement drive. I’m considering “Be Glam” to keep up the momentum from 2015. I would also like to write more, produce regular blog posts and videos. I’d also like to try and sort out a relationship.

Inspirational "Think Glam" poster on my door
Original image from O Fantastic Mundo de Nicole (now  KoolKouple)


For the last year this has been pinned on my door as a reminder of my 2015 motto. I’m wondering what to use for this year’s door motto.

I wish all my readers a great new year!

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