Except of Deed Poll - Text: "Deed of change of Name"

Changing Names (Part 1)

So I’ve done the Deed (sorry). At the party on New Years Eve I signed to change my name. Having looked at the section on Gov.uk about name changes it seemed to require fees, solicitors, taking out an advert in the London Gazette and the High Court. Then after a bit more reading I found that you can produce a deed poll yourself which should be accepted by most. The site I used was Free UK Deed Poll¬†though there is also a good guide to the process on Flash Bristow’s site. Then it was just a case of printing out the PDF on some nice paper and getting it signed in front of two witnesses.

5 freshly printed passport/ID photos

I’ve now sent off to the DVLA for my new licence, the first major test, I’ll keep you updated with how it goes.


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