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Finally Referred!

I have good news! I finally have a referral to the Gender Identity Clinic so can make an official start to my transition. Getting it proved a little more difficult then I’d hope, or rather getting the appointment with my doctor was difficult. Before you can get an appointment you have to get past the receptionists, then a triage before being offered an appointment.

Well the first Triage wanted to know why I hadn’t sought medical advice before going full time and then told me I needed to self refer by contacting the clinic directly. I didn’t think that was the case but emailed the clinic and was told to go back to the GP and to get them to refer me. So I called again, and was told there was no triage available and I’d have to wait until the morning, So eventually I managed to get an appointment on my day off.

I turned up at the surgery and was waiting for about 2 mins before I hear [MaleName] – yep it turns out the receptionists/triage had passed on my name. The Doctor was lovely though, very apologetic about the name and asked what support I had and how family and friends were taking it. She then said that I was being referred and that I should get the dragons on reception to change my name on their system. There was much wailing over that and they begrudgingly changed my name.

Now it’s just the wait for my first appointment. The Exeter clinic currently has a wait of about 6 months, which is not as bad as some clinics. I could have a shorter wait if I went to Southampton or Northampton but the Exeter clinic is 10 minutes from my flat so no travel costs needed, it’s also near work so won’t need to take days off for appointments 🙂


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