Transwoman in Desigual dress

Coming Out to Family

I have some quite big news. I finally came out as transgender to the family!

The family were always going to be difficult. My dad is very homophobic and is prone to some quite angry rants so as you can probably guess I was more then a little apprehensive about broaching the subject.

After chickening out a few times I ended up writing them a letter, putting a couple of photos in the envelope and giving it to them in person. Mum took it really well, Dad it took a little bit to sink in but I since got a nice email from Mum saying he was OK 🙂

I’m so relieved that it all went well and it means I can start taking the next steps with my transition.

Transwoman in Desigual pattern dress


Transwoman in Desigual dress
The pictures of me at work that I included with my letter.

After coming out a friend cooked me dinner with much hugs. Then on Monday night I went out with some friends to celebrate and I made sure to dress up!

Transwoman wearing a black top, fur gilet, leather gloves, grey jeans and suede thigh high boots
Roll Neck Top: Primark – Fur Gilet: New Look – Grey Skinny Jeans: Primark – Suede Thigh Boots: Next – Mock Croc Bag: Gifted – Leather Gloves: Primark – Necklace: New Look


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