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Review: Spooky Box Club – Alien Invasion

So I’m doing the subscription box thing. I have been a bit dubious about these in the past. Especially the many geek/pop culture ones like Loot Crate where you receive an item from a scattering of fandoms and if you are not into that fandom then tough! The Loot Crates that Ashens reviewed didn’t impress me Also a lot are US based so have expensive shipping and the risk of a customs charge.

Then I found out about the Spooky Box Club, a UK based subscription box containing lots of small spooky things. Payments are taken on the 13th of the month and the box arrives about 3-4 weeks later (as most of the content is made to order rather being overstocked tat or promotional items)

Before I get started I should point out that I paid for this with my own money. While they do send complimentary boxes to bloggers I decided not to apply (it’s rude to beg for freebies)

The box itself is adorably decorated with stars and bats. It’s so cute! Be warned that I will be overusing the word ‘cute’ during this review.

An unopened spookybox


Open Spookybox

The first thing you’ll find (providing the box hasn’t been shaken up too much in the post) is a Thank You card and a slip of paper detailing what lies within the box and which charity benefited. (SBC donate a portion of the price of each box to a different charity each month. This box benefited the Solar Electric Light Fund, who help provide solar power to communities in the developing world.

Anyway on to the goodies.

Galaxy Pendant 1


Galaxy Pendant 2

First is this fabulous galaxy pendant. It’s double sided with a blue galaxy on one side and a purple one on the other so you have two pendants in one. I love it!

Astronaut and UFO pendant

Another pendant, this time it’s a cute little astronaut and flying saucer.

I want to believe sticker


I want to Believe sticker, this was one of the items I wasn’t too impressed with. I have no problem with the quality, it’s just not my thing and wouldn’t fit on my car’s back window!

Star and Moon ear Studs

Moon and Star ear studs – Perfect for when I get my ears done!

Rocket Soap

Purple Rocket soap. Smells divine and looks adorable!

Alien Mug

Abduction Guaranteed Mug, I actually could do with a new mug!

Alien Coasters

Heart shaped cute alien coasters. Again something that would be a quirky addition to my flat.

Already here alien wall hanging
Already Here wall hanging. I get the feeling this might be an reference to something I’m not familiar with, but it’s pretty cool.




So is the Spooky Box club worth it? I’d say this box was, of course with these things there is always potential for a box of things you don’t like. I think by avoiding licences and too much pop culture this one reduces the risk of that.

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