Transwoman wearing red Desigual Dress, black skinny jeans and high heeled knee high boots

Lessons in Fabulousness: How to dress if you are starting out as a Transgender Woman

First of all I’m not intending this post as a “YOU MUST DO THIS” instruction manual, everyone is different and I do believe in being body positive. If you want to wear something then wear it! Instead I’m trying to pass on some hints that I’ve learnt over time (usually by making these mistakes and thinking what the hell was I thinking!) that might help you develop your personal style.

Look at what women wear.

Look at those with more experience then you. Those that were Female Assigned At Birth know what they are doing as they’ve been socialised that way since birth. You need to learn everything they have about being a woman and a lot quicker as you were late to the party. Look at women on the street, check out street style blogs and look at what women wear in different social situations and try using what you like in your own style. Try and avoid ripping someone off completely but you might see something and think ‘I can do that’. Also don’t be afraid to ask your female friends (as long as it’s not too intimate!)

You are not average!

I know this is not what you want to hear but hear me out, you are a beautiful woman but chances are you don’t have an average build. You are probably a tall girl, so may find that standard fit items come up short, for example I have a problem with tops leaving a gap and exposing my belly. so consider looking in the tall ranges of mainstream stores or specialist stores like Long Tall Sally for long line tops. For things like jumpsuits consider custom made, it’ll cost a bit more but will fit far better, making you more comfortable and therefore more confident! Also look at women of a similar build to yourself to see what flatters and what doesn’t.

Avoid being too Fetishy.

Fetish is good, but there is a time and a place. Corsets, miniskirts and stripper heels (often in leather and PVC) are not exactly street wear and may attract unwanted attention (unfortunately this is the society we live in and it should not be that way but that’s an argument for another blog). Shoes are probably the trickiest as larger sizes tend to be hard to find in styles that aren’t fetish based. That said you can use fetish elements, maybe wear a plain fabric corset over blouse, or thigh boots with a longer skirt just don’t overdo it!

Don’t be afraid to Experiment

Despite all I’ve said here, I encourage you to experiment! Try things out and if they don’t work then try something else. If they do work keep doing them! I’ve had ideas that sounded good but failed and others I’ve been a little unsure of working amazingly!

I hope this helps a little bit to help you become fabulous!

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