View of Lake Tahoe

USA Bucket List

Hopefully in the next few years I’ll take a trip to the USA (if I manage to save!). Here are a few destinations I’d really like to visit.

San Francisco

San Francisco is one of those cities that I’ve always wanted to visit, a great mixture of great views, interesting architecture and vibrant culture


San Francisco at Sunset

Of course there is the city’s role in the history of the LGBT+ movement and naturally I’ll have to check out the Castro

Pride Flags in the Castro


Lake Tahoe

A great place to get away from it all in stunning scenery. Situated on the border of California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is the second largest alpine lake in North America and doesn’t it look gorgeous?
View of Lake Tahoe


The area is known for skiing or gambling (on the Nevada side) which doesn’t interest me but I love lakes and mountains so would be in heaven.
I’d also love to take a day trip to the nearby Ghost Town of Bodie, once it was one the biggest towns in California, now it is preserved as the residents left it.


Abandoned shops in a ghost town


Rocky Mountain National Park

Continuing the mountain theme, my next choice is the Rocky Mountain National Park. Covering 416 square miles of Colorado it contains 150 lakes and 60 mountains over 12,000 feet.


View from the summit of Pikes Peak


One thing that I would love to do is the drive to the top of Pikes Peak, though taking it much slower then I used to on the Colin McRea game!

Boston and New England

Boston is known as the cradle of the American revolution and is a city full of history


Ships in Boston Harbour


I’d also love to see the spectacular autumn colours in New England


Church among autumn trees


The Goth in me also wants to visit Salem for obvious reasons!

Grand Canyon and Monument Valley

Scenery doesn’t come much bigger then the Grand Canyon. The Colorado River carved a 2km deep ravine for 446km across Arizona. It’s pretty spectacular!


View of the Grand Canyon


Setting for many a Western; Monument Valley on the Arizona-Utah border is home to many rock buttes rising 300m above the valley floor. I semi expect to see a Coyote chasing a Roadrunner!


Rocks in Monument Valley


I hope it’s not too obvious that I love waterside cities and big scenery. Maybe I’ll make it to one of these next year!

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