View of Nice from the big hill showing the curve of the bay

New Year & New Starts

I think 2014 was a pretty good year for me, I travelled to some new places, attended my first outdoor festival, saw the Tour de France, met awesome new people and had a fair bit of fun in the process!

My main resolution for 2015 is “Glam Up My Life” – not as in (mostly) dubious music and fashions from the Seventies but more as in improving and making my life better and more fabulous

Screenshot of Illamasqua Website
Unfortunately my new year resolution hasn’t had the best start as I’ve been stuck in bed with the flu and my microwave died as well but at least I managed to find an affordable replacement and the flu is dissipating now so should be making a proper start soon. A big package from Illamasqua arrived today so I need to have a play with that soon!
View of Nice from the big hill showing the curve of the bay

My other resolution is to start blogging moreĀ and improving my writing/video/photo skills. I know I say that every year so I’m considering expanding the remit of the blog to include travel and other content. Because holidays and travel count as fabulous things don’t they?


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