Makeup Selection

Lessons in Fabulousness: A Typical Face

My makeup is my armour, even more so being transgendered. Even on a casual day I use a lot and have tried various things to minimise the appearance unwanted facial hair from plastering myself with Pan Sticks to IPL treatment (neither of which I’d recommend!)
Makeup Selection
This is what I used for my last look which not far off what I tend to do on a typical day, and most of the time it works and seems to last fairly well too! As always with makeup the key is to experiment and find what works for you. My makeup is a mixture of high and low end products
First of all I have a good shave (see my guide here) and moisturise. Then I use Seventeen Stay Time Primer and apply it all over my face with my fingers. I’m probably going to upgrade to something better but I’ve only recently discovered primers. Next I apply my foundation with a brush, I’m currently using Mineralize Satinfinish by MAC in NW20 but as that’s been recently discontinued I may have to seek out a good alternative. I’ve found using downward strokes with the brush gives the smoothest result rather then trying to go against the grain of any hairs.
For my eyeshadow I used the white from Barry M’s Smokin’ Hot Pallette as a highlight before applying Illamasqua’s CanCan and Inception purple eyeshadows (Both of these are in the Sale so may be discontinued shortly). I used the lighter shade for the crease and the darker on the lid. Again I use a brush
I then line the top lid with Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner (in black of course!), eyeliner is something I’ve often struggled with; I found pencils tended to smudge, not last too long and wasn’t black enough! While liquid was longer lasting and better at keeping colour; my clumsiness meant more often then not I ended up looking like a panda! (Seventeen’s Tattoo Me was particular unforgiving as it would not come off!). Gel is a good compromise, it goes on with a brush, lasts well and dries quickly which reduces the risk of blinking and ending up with panda eyes.
For mascara I use Volume Clubbing by Bourjois. I am blessed with nice lashes and find that just mascara is enough (also with my clumsiness false lashes are not going to end well!)
Next I contour, this is something I’m fairly new at and I’ll admit to just following the instructions that came with my Seventeen Define and Conquer contour kit and hoping for the best. I’ll probably try and do a tutorial on it when I’m more skilled at it! I also added a bit of blush from the Barry M Pallette.
Finally I used Seventeen Dare to Bare lipstick for a subtle lip colour, but as another discontinued line I’m going to be looking for a replacement for when full on lips are a bit much.
Transwoman in black dress with shear floaty sleeves, leather look leggings and over the knee boots
The Finished Result
I hope this helps those that are just starting out and that you are not thinking “she’s doing everything wrong”. Most of my makeup is from budget brands with most items being around £5-7 except of course the MAC and Illamasqua but with sales their products can be picked up for a reasonable price.


  1. Great work! You do not use any powder? I found it very useful.

  2. I used to use it, not sure why I stopped, maybe will try using it again 🙂

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