Gothic Transwoman on a tram
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WGT 2014 Outfits

Gothic Transwoman wearing a black top with mesh panels and a long skirt


Gothic Transwoman on a tram


Lifting my dress to show lace up knee high boots


Gothic transwoman in a lacey dress


Sorry about the quality of these, my camera went missing at the Agra so I’m just left with these few mobile shots. I had a great time at the Treffen despite the heat (38C in the shade!) – Am giving thought to recreating my outfits so I can get some better pictures!
I’m tempted to take both the blog and my style in a more Gothy direction. I always have been pretty Gothy, but think I need to do more then just the odd gig and WGT. Maybe I should make my 31st year the year of the Goth?

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