Transwoman with Razor

Lessons in Fabulousness: Shaving

This this the first in a series of guides aimed as those that are just starting out on the transgender spectrum from the male side. I’m going to try and talk though both my beauty routine and also do how-to guides for the newbies. Everyone has to start somewhere so forgive me if these are a little too obvious.
Transwoman with Razor
If you have facial hair and wish to wear makeup you are going to need to get a very close shave to provide a smooth base for your makeup. This is my personal routine to get that smooth base (or at least as smooth as possible)
Mini Disclaimer: These are the products I personally use, all are available in most drugstores or supermarkets in the UK. Other brands are available. I would suggest trying different ones and seeing which suits you best.


I usually shave after a hot shower, I usually find it a bit rough going otherwise. Firstly I fill the bowl with hot water, as hot as I can stand. I then use either a flannel or exfoliating gloves and rub it all over my face until everything is nice and toasty. This makes the hair stand out and also makes it a lot more comfortable to shave, especially as I go against the grain. (yes I see you wincing at the back)


Clean and Clear Exfoliating Scrub
Once my face is nice and warm and moist I squirt a big dollop of exfoliating cream onto the glove/flannel, I use Clean and Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash as I have fairly greasy skin and tend to come out in spots if I’m not too careful. Again I rub it all over my face giving everything a good scrub for at least a full minute before rinsing with hot water.


Gillette Shave Gel
Rather then use foam I use a small pea size blob of Gillette Shave Gel, I find the tubes last a lot longer then the cans. I rub it into areas with hair and then using a Gillette Fusion razor I shave against the grain (now you can see why I do so much preparation!). I try and avoid going over the same area more then once, if the razor isn’t cutting the hair first time then it’s usually time to change the head. I know razor heads are expensive but usually around Christmas you can usually buy a big gift pack of blades for £25, which means I’m less likely to try to squeeze every last bit of sharpness out of the head (usually with nasty cuts as a result!)


Gillette Sensitive Balm
Finally I use an fragrance and alcohol free aftershave balm to smooth the skin without the pain before rinsing with cold water. I’ll also then moisturise well before applying any makeup.
I hope this guide was of some help.

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